Prince of Pants

ARTIST: Jin Hashimoto
PLAYS: 610

I swear if my mom finds one more reason to complain about trivial events like its the end of the world, cry, then rip into me under the guise of her caring I will just stop telling her much at all completely.

And honestly if I am a little snappy, the last thing you should do is go count my medications which you knew I overtook because of nightmares recently and having flare ups as another excuse to scream at me.

Now I’ll only be getting less then my normal dose of medicine and in won’t be able to sleep. One of the reasons why is she’s so fucking controlling and just yells at me constantly recently.

Even if it’s about something serious you don’t have to passive aggressively call me ghengis Kahn, a drug addict, and oh mighty alana. You’re honestly a fucking nut job and lose friends continually when they dig into your personal life too much.


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